Why building momentum is crucial for therapy success!

Have you ever gone to do a challenging task and started with the easiest job first, then built into a flow until you tackle the most challenging? This is called momentum and we all utilise this principle everyday without even knowing it!

When it comes to therapy we can often ‘get stuck’ in the concept of trying the get the most out of a session by challenging clients as much as possible so they can continue to make gains.

However, I have found a significant increase in session engagement when I build momentum from the second the session starts. Sometimes this means only the start of the session is dedicated to achievable tasks, sometimes it’s half of the session, and sometimes most of the session will be utilised for this with just the end being the right time to introduce the challenges.

This will depend on the child and the level of engagement. You will know when you’ve built it, engagement will be on fire and the child will be in an amazing flow, making the time fly by! And as we know, engagement is the ultimate factor in ensuring gains are achieved.

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