Service Agreement

A Service Agreement is a contract between Eat Speak Learn (the Provider) and an individual (the Client).

A Client may also refer to the parent/guardian/carer or plan manager or any other party with the authorisation to manage Services on behalf of the Client. The signatory of an agreement must be over 18 years old and will be the Client or the Client’s Representative. The signatory is responsible for the Client’s contractual obligations of a Service Agreement.


Therapy services are aimed at adjustment, adaption and building capacity for community participation. Eat Speak Learn provides bespoke allied health services and will recommend best practice therapeutic supports to achieve the Client’s objectives.

Services will be delivered in clinic at Northpoint Plaza, 8 Chandler St Belconnen, ACT 2617 unless otherwise agreed with Eat Speak Learn (ie Telehealth and Mobile services). Mobile services are offered at the discretion of Eat Speak Learn.

Service agreements are created for each therapy intervention block or assessment package. It is common for up to 30 minutes of additional intervention time and/or follow up services to be agreed to be billed per intervention session as part of a service agreement. These will be estimated and quoted in advance.
Quality of care supports will be itemised and invoiced following service delivery in addition to intervention sessions.

Where multidisciplinary team intervention occurs, all service providers will claim individually.


Eat Speak Learn agrees to:

  • review the provision of services at least 6 monthly with the Client
  • once agreed, provide services that meet the Client’s needs
  • communicate openly and honestly in a timely manner
  • treat the Client with courtesy and respect
  • consult the Client on decisions about how services are provided
  • give the Client information about managing any complaints or disagreements and details of the provider’s cancellation policy
  • listen to the Client’s feedback and resolve problems quickly
  • attempt to give the Client a minimum of 24 hours’ notice if the Provider
  • must change a scheduled appointment to provide services
  • protect the Client’s privacy and confidential information
  • provide services in a manner consistent with all relevant laws


The Client agrees to:

  • inform the Provider about how they wish the services to be delivered to meet the Client’s needs
  • treat the Provider with courtesy and respect
  • give the Provider notice if the Client cannot make a scheduled
  • appointment as per the Cancellation Policy
  • give the Provider the required notice if the Client needs to end the Service Agreement
  • let the Provider know immediately if a Client’s 3rd party funding has been suspended or ceased.


Payments are to be made in line with Eat Speak Learn’s Fee structure and are to be paid at the time of service. Clients will be notified two weeks in advance of any change in pricing. Price increases generally occur in July each year.

Payment for services will only be made for services that have been delivered unless the Client has approved pre-payment. Services may be suspended if there are outstanding payments. The Client is responsible for payment including any debt recovery fees. If a Client is under the age of 18, then the person managing their services is responsible for all fees.

It is the responsibility of the Client to advise the Provider if the delivery of services is not satisfactory immediately following the provision of services or within a timeframe as agreed in writing between both parties. A failure to advise of any dissatisfaction implies that services have been delivered satisfactorily.


Our cancellation fee is 100% of the service plus any travel conducted. This is if a cancellation is made with less than one business day’s notice or if there is a failure to attend the scheduled appointment. If we can find a replacement appointment or follow up activity at short notice then you will not be charged. Cancellation terms for Group Sessions can be found in the relevant Service Agreement Terms and Conditions.

Our Client Services team may contact you to offer additional/alternative appointment opportunities or you can choose to book these on-line through our website: www.eatspeaklearn.com.au.


If a Client wishes to give Eat Speak Learn feedback or is not happy with the provision of services and wishes to make a complaint, the Client should contact Eat, Speak Learn by phone 02 6156 2804, by email practicemanager@eatspeaklearn.com.au, or in person at Northpoint Plaza, 8 Chandler Street, Belconnen, ACT, 2617.


Eat Speak Learn will comply with all relevant GST legislation when pricing services. At the time of publication, the majority of Allied Health Services were not subject to GST.

This Service Agreement may be made for the purpose of providing supports under a Client’s National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan.


If changes to the services or their delivery are required, the Parties agree to discuss and review a Service Agreement. The Parties agree that any changes to a Service Agreement will be documented and stored on the clients file. Best practice is that changes are made in writing and agreed by both parties. Any verbal changes to a Service Agreement will be documented by Eat Speak Learn and confirmation provided to the Client of the change.

Should either Party wish to end a Service Agreement they must give 28 days’ notice. If either Party seriously breaches this Service Agreement the requirement of notice will be waived.

Should third party funds be expended before the completion of the Service Agreement the Service Agreement is considered ended, Eat Speak Learn cannot guarantee the availability of future services and Clients may opt to be added to a waitlist.

If the Client’s therapist ceases employment with Eat Speak Learn the Provider will make every effort to continue the provision of services with another therapist but may have to suspend or end the Service Agreement if an alternative therapist cannot be found.

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