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Eat Speak Learn (the Clinic) recognises that on occasion a Parent/Guardian may be required to leave the Premises while their Child/the Client is receiving therapy. By leaving the Premises the Parent/Guardian is agreeing to leave their Child/the Patient under supervision and care of the Clinic.

Eat Speak Learn provides paediatric therapy services and is NOT a childcare service. We understand that each child has differing levels of independence and autonomy and that some parents / carers are comfortable with leaving their child alone during a therapy session.

A Parent/Guardian may request to leave the premises:

  • for part of the session;
  • for the entire duration of the session.
  • The reason that a Parent may request to leave the Premises may include:
  • in the event of an emergency;
  • to attend a private appointment such as a medical or specialist appointment;
  • to attend to caring responsibilities such as a child, parent or other family member;
  • to attend to a work commitment such as a meeting or phone call;
  • to run an errand locally or close by to the Premises;
  • any other satisfactory reason for leaving the Premises.

Eat Speak Learn reserves the right to request for the Parent/Guardian to declare their reasoning for leaving the Premises and their Child/the Patient in the care of the Clinic. The Clinic reserves the right to refuse this request at any time.

Eat Speak Learn reserves the right to request any evidence if there is any suspicion a Parent/Guardian has left the Premises and their Child/the Patient in the care of the Clinic for an illegitimate reason.

Parental / carer attendance in sessions is recommended as this increases outcomes by ensuring consistency in home practice.


The Clinic is defined as Eat Speak Learn – Speech Pathology Services
The Premises is defined as 203/8 Chandler St Belconnen, ACT 2617
The Parent/Guardian is defined as the Parent or legal Guardian for the Child/Patient currently receiving therapy from the Clinic.
The Child is defined as any person under the ages of 18 years who is currently receiving therapy from the Clinic.
The Client is defined as any person who is currently receiving therapy from the Clinic.


Any Parent/Guardian of any current Eat Speak Learn clients who have adhered to this Policy and Procedure.


On each occasion, the Parent/Guardian must request permission to leave the Premises from the Practitioner

If the Practitioner approves the request, the Parent/Guardian must have acknowledged that they accept our policy as part of their Service Agreement.

Eat Speak Learn recommends that children are taken to the toilet before each session by a parent / guardian as part of the routine of attending an appointment. If a child cannot toilet independently then the Parent/Guardian are required to remain in the Clinic whilst the appointment takes place.

In the event that the Parent/Guardian has not returned to the Premises by the conclusion of the session, the Clinic reserves the right to make every reasonable attempt to contact the Parent/Guardian immediately. If the Parent/Guardian cannot be contacted, the Clinic will attempt to contact the Child/Patient’s emergency contact. In the event that the emergency contact cannot be reached, the Clinic reserves the right to contact the Police or relevant authorities. The Child/Patient will remain under the supervision and care of the Clinic until an approved Parent/Guardian or in extreme cases/the worst case scenario, the police have arrived to collect the Child/Patient.

We will not:

  • Allow a client to leave until a parent/guardian picks them up. (The therapy session will be extended and additional charges will be levied).
  • Allow a parent/guardian to leave the child without the Practitioners consent.
  • Let a child be left alone without checking that their emergency contact details are up to date.
  • Escort a Client to the restroom (Note: our restrooms are common restrooms for building occupants and may be frequented by peoples unknown to Eat Speak Learn).

If an alternate adult is picking up the Child/Patient, Eat Speak Learn will request proof of identity before relinquishing the care of the Child/Patient.

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