Key Worker Policy

A Key Worker may be described as a case worker or a primary service provider. They act as a single point of contact for services and acts as the conduit of the expertise of the whole team in most situations and uses transdisciplinary skills to do so. The Key Worker focuses on working with significant adults in the child’s life imparting important information, knowledge and skills to them through coaching and consultation rather than only direct therapy.

The key worker provides the emotional support, information and advice, identifying and addressing needs, and advocacy and service coordination delivered through a family-centred approach. Ideally this builds on the family and carer strengths in order to improve the child’s developmental trajectory and overall quality of life. In addition to the adoption of the key worker, there is an expectation that supports are delivered in the child’s natural environment.

To operate as a Key Worker at Eat Speak Learn the following criteria needs to be met by a team member:

  • Needs a sound base of the skills and knowledge of their own profession
  • Requires a sound knowledge of child development
  • Ability to effectively communicate with other team members and child services
  • Apply evidence based parent and parenting support using adult learning practices
  • Must have a minimum of two years experience in early childhood intervention and demonstrate experience working within a transdisciplinary framework

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