Group Programs

Our group programs are innovative, collaborative, evidence-based and fun

We work with local providers to offer groups through a multi-disciplinary approach as well as through our own team of innovative and incredible practitioners.

We have a number of core aims across our group programs:

  • Achieving meaningful outcomes in a social setting
  • Building the capacity of our parents
  • Building networking opportunities for families

Each group will have a different therapy focus. We run a variety of group program models depending on the therapy outcomes we are aiming to achieve and the group of participants.

We may follow a very structured commercial program such as Hanen or S.O.S. or we may deliver programs through a semi-structured approach tailored specifically to the group of participants in the program. Both models can be fantastic ways to help you achieve your therapy outcomes. We’ll work with you to advise on which group programs may be suitable for your child.

Groups are run in eight-week blocks and commence on the second week of each school term or alternatively as school holiday intensive programs.

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