What is Proloquo 2 Go?

Proloquo 2 Go, or P2G, is a communication app and type of AAC (alternative and augmentative communication) system. It uses symbols to provide a voice to its users, and to help them express their thoughts and needs more effectively. P2G is also a great tool for building language skills and developing vocabularies.
It has 3 key features:
  1. Core Words Vocabulary
    • Core words form the basis of P2G. These words make up approximately 80% of what we say
    • P2G also has 10,000+ other fringe vocabulary words. This means users can develop from using single words to full grammatical sentences using both core and fringe vocabulary words.
    • It also has progressive language options, where users can gradually learn new vocabulary by revealing words step by step
2. Accessible
    • The core words appear in the same location across folders to support learning through motor planning
    • P2G caters to a wide range of fine-motor, visual, and cognitive skills, with options to change grid sizes and other accessibility settings
3. Customisable
    • Users can customise the app based on needs and preferences
    • Create and edit folders, add symbols (including using own photos)
    • Choose the voice from over 100 natural-sounding voices across multiple languages and accents
Who can use it?
Anyone! P2G is designed to support all users, from those new to AAC to those proficient in using AAC systems. It is easily customisable, and the expanding vocabulary feature means it can grow with the user and their skills.

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