What is LAMP?

LAMP stands for Language Acquisition through Motor Planning and is an augmentative alternative communication (AAC) approach for those who have limited verbal communication to independently express themselves. LAMP itself is a therapy approach and is based on neurological and motor learning principles.

LAMP Words For Life is a popular AAC language system that uses the principles and strategies of the LAMP approach. You might see it on a dedicated speech generating device or app for an iPad.

When children learn to use words, they develop consistent motor patterns (I.e. the way the tongue and lips move, if the voice box is switched on or off) to say sounds and words. LAMP uses the same principle through the language learning process where each word has its own motor plan to allow for the development of spontaneous and easy communication.

A speech pathologist can help you identify if a LAMP approach-based AAC system is right for your child.

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