Ways to use wrapping paper tubing

Coming up to the holiday season, we are all super excited about having all the presents wrapped and under the tree. Turns out with all the wrapping, we’ve been left with the inner cardboard tubing of the wrapping paper roll. Most of us tend to throw out cardboard tubes.

It doesn’t mean there isn’t any use for it. Turns out cardboard tubes are handy. You’ll never believe how many uses they have!

Below are a few ideas, get your children involved and let their imagination run wild:

  1. -Make a fly and pest strip with some sticky tape
  2. -Telescopes or binoculars
  3. -Boat oars
  4. -Olympic torches
  5. -Baton
  6. -Flashlights
  7. -Javelins
  8. -Skipping rope
  9. -Swords or Lightsabres
  10. -Musical instruments e.g., trumpet, drumsticks
  11. -Grandad or grandma’s walking stick
  12. -Craft activities

Let us know if you think of any others, we would love your ideas and any photographic evidence to go with 😊

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