Top 10 Most Loved Games and Toys in our Resource Room

As paediatric therapists, we are masters of disguising therapy into fun. My family often joke that all I do is blow bubbles and play games with kids all day. While that appears to be true, we are wizards at camouflaging our intervention goals into play and madness! Best job in the world right?!

As you can imagine our resources consistent of toys, games, toys, games and more toys. Of course, we all have our favourite resources, just like our clients and their families have their favourites when they come to visit us.

I was curious to see which games and toys we speechies couldn’t live without and decided to take a vote to see which ones are the faves and most used in our sessions.

The results are in!

Let’s just say hypothetically, if there was a fire, we would grab these toys and games before swiftly running out the door. In no particular order:

  1. Bubbles
  2. Pop up Pirate
  3. Toaster Game
  4. Hedbanz
  5. Blocks/Lego
  6. Playdough
  7. Farm animals and our beloved barn
  8. UNO
  9. Cars/trains/toy transport
  10. Potato Head

Anything surprising? (no iPad!!!)

Most of these toys and games are probably at your house and if you visit us you probably have played with one of these before. There are so many ways to target communication goals with these resources and we love using play and fun to build a relationship with our clients and achieve their goals!

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