Therapy and Home Practice

I often have discussion with families around the importance of home practice, quality over quantity, spacing out home practice over the course of the week or the fortnight, a little bit every day or every other day rather than all of it at one go, or attaching home practice to a set routine. I completely understand that home life can become hectic and there are 101 other things that need to be done.

“Children’s outcomes were tied uniquely to the extent that parents were able to take what they learned during sessions and apply it to activities all throughout their day.”
Yoder et al., 2020.

Where and how do we fit therapy home practice into the children’s busy schedules? (Sounds familiar right?) I’m sure this is a common thought among our families that we work with.

Here is a handy tip on how to build home practice into your child home schedules – get the siblings involved!! (as long as we are all learning, and it’s not too distracting).This is a great way to generalise the skills being learnt in the clinic and a fun and engaging way to work on therapy goals at home.


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