The things you can do with a box

Many Christmas/Birthday presents especially for kids come in a box. This gives you an extra tool that you can use for fun/games as well as the toy/object that comes out of it. Below are some ideas that might help for some inspiration!

  • Make a car by adding paper plates as wheels and a steering wheel – discuss where your child is ‘going’ and what they can see.
  • Make a shop front – practice buying and selling a range of items.
  • Create a mini golf course – by using the items found in your backyard and boxes or other recycled materials kids could make their own mini-golf at home.
  • Make a costume – use the box to make hats or other costume items then act out a scene or have a dance party.
  • Make a musical instrument – by cutting a hole, adding some rubber bands and a paper towel roll as a handle suddenly you have a guitar, or if you tape the box lid closed you have a drum – before long you could have the whole band!
  • Cut the box in half and make a marble maze – a course where you stand the box up and the marbles go top to bottom.
  • Create a sensory box – put items in the box and take turns guessing what is inside with your child.
  • Make a car ramp or flatten and let kids draw their own tracks

Who would have thought a cardboard box could have so many uses!

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