Talking about prepositions!

Prepositions are the words we use to describe where something is located – think words like “off, on, under, above, next to, left, right in-front or behind”.

When we are learning language this is one of the easiest parts to miss as we become desperate for kids to tell us what they want or need forgetting about our other parts of language. Here are some fun game ideas to target prepositions if you are stuck for ideas.

  • Hide and seek with objects – hide objects around the room and your child needs to describe where they are before they pick it up.
  • Playing with magnets on the fridge – tell parents where to put the magnets or take it in turns!
  • Dress ups – great for talking about putting things on or taking them off.
  • Where did it go? – Kick or throw a ball and talk about where it landed before going to pick it up.
  • Playdough pictures – make lots of different playdough critters with cookie cutters or other ways and create one big scene with them on the table – then ask about where things are or have your child follow your instructions on where they should put it!

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