Sensory Friendly Summer Holiday Activities



Dendy Cinemas

Once a month, Dendy Cinemas Canberra holds a low sensory experience movie once a month on Saturdays. Sensory Friendly screenings provide a safe and accepting cinema environment, including dimmed lights (not total darkness) and reduced sound levels.


Questacon has fantastic information on their website to guide you through the best experience for your child.

They offer the following support:

• Call or talk to staff to plan visits during quiet days.

• Wrist bands to write contact details on are available at reception.

The Cloud Chamber (between Galleries Two and Three) is a Quiet Space

Gallery Six is a Calming gallery and has the following:

Sensory Garden, Bubble Tubes, Water Play, Designated Quiet Space

Tips and Trick for planning your visit to other attractions:

  • Google the business, this will show you a rough idea of times it is busy or quiet
  • Call in advance, see if they have any other ways to support you and your child e.g wristbands, giving you an idea of quiet spaces you can access.
  • Watch videos of the experience/ place in advance on Youtube to see how your child responds (is it something they show interest in?)
  • Make sure you bring items from home that you know assist in calming your child, e.g sunglasses, ear muffs, stress balls, bubbles, tangle/fidget toys (chat with your Occupational Therapist about what they think will assist your child)

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