Pizza Time! Teaching Following Directions with Cooking

Running out of ideas to keep the kids occupied during lockdown? Why not get them into the kitchen (and tick off making dinner at the same time)?

Cooking is an easy and fun way to practice following directions and sequencing skills. Most recipes require multiple steps, such as gathering all the ingredients, measuring what you need, and putting it all together. Each step must be followed according to the recipe, or there might be an undesirable outcome (think cheese toastie without the cheese).

To help your child with following directions when cooking:

  • Use recipes with visual instructions and sequencing cues such as “Step 1, Step 2, Step 3” (see link below to Accessible Chef).
  • Go through the recipe at the start together. Highlight what needs to be done first, next, then last.
  • Read the list of ingredients together, and ask your child to tick off each item when they get them out of the cupboard or fridge.
  • Break down longer steps into smaller tasks. e.g. first open the packet, then pour it in the bowl.
  • Use words such as “first, second, next, then, last”.

For example! I made pizza just for the purposes of this blog.

Here is the recipe:


Source: https://accessiblechef.com/recipes/english-muffin-pizza/

And here is the result! YUM!


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