Our Achievement Tree

We love celebrating wins at Eat Speak Learn.  One of the ways we do this is through our achievement tree in our welcome room.

When our clients achieve a meaningful outcome we reward them with a leaf they can place on our tree.

Our goal as a team is to deliver 2000 meaningful outcomes to our clients by December 2022.  When we set this goal in September 2020, we knew it was ambitious, but we strive each day to achieve it. #bethebestyou

We report in as a team every morning on our progress and hear about what each child accomplished.  It’s a great way to start the day and to keep us focused on what is important to each child’s therapy journey.

Our meaningful outcomes need to be something that resonates with the client and their family.  We liken it to being something they can ring Grandma about or be taken out for ice cream upon the goal being attained. #makeithappen

We document the desired outcome in a plan together at the start of a therapy block.  We make sure it’s attainable and we document everyone’s part.  Our practitioners will list what they are measuring and looking for.  Our families list what they have agreed to be responsible for (i.e. 10 minutes homework each day).  We agree on how we bring other parties into the plan, such as teachers and other allied health professionals.  And finally, we set a review date.

We know that sometimes therapy can be hard, so keeping us all on task to achieve that goal ties nicely into our value of being #strongertogether.

Once we achieve our magic mark of 2000 leaves on our tree, we plan to do something special.  We are going to turn each leaf into a real living tree.  #keep it fun


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