Living Our Values

Our values are infused into everything we do at Eat Speak Learn.  They help us have the tough conversations, they remind us to have fun and they hold us accountable to ourselves, our clients and each other.

Feedback and recognition needs to be timely and specific.  Our team are empowered to provide feedback to each other through a fun system we use that requires them to tag the value they are living, working out how many points to give and insert an image or a gif to make it more fun!

Each month, our team are given a quota of points to award to each other.

Team members can see each others posts and add points onto each others contributions.  Points convert into a real life $$ value.

Team members can exchange the points they have earned in a number of ways.  They may donate them to charity, turn them into $$, give them to another team member, grab a gift voucher to pay for groceries or save them up for something special.

There is nothing like being recognised in real time for a job well done.

Find out more about our values here.

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