Language with Dress-Ups

I have fond memories of spending my school holidays and weekends diving into my dress up box as a kid. From putting on my Mum’s heels to wearing different hats and glasses out to the supermarket, it was so much fun!
As a paediatric therapist, I am also finding ways to be creative with how to work on my client’s speech pathology goals and there is nothing better than disguising therapy as fun! One weekend I was packing up my dress ups from a fun trivia night with the team and then the idea came to me – my clients would love to play dress ups so I made it happen!
Some goals I have worked on with dress ups:
  • Location words e.g. necklace ON/OFF
  • Colours and size e.g. big blue hat, long scarf
  • Body parts e.g. glasses on head, on eyes
  • Following directions e.g. put on the sunglasses and the hat
  • Sequencing e.g. first out on the bracelet, then the beanie
  • Joint attention and engagement e.g. showing parent their costume
I challenge you to pull out the dress up box and give it a go!

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