LAMP with Kinetic Sand

Children love to play with Kinetic sand. Adding small items/ figurines/animal to the sand with digging tool makes it even more exciting!

Below are words to talk about using the AAC system called LAMP while playing with your child. All these words can be modelled using just the homepage:

  • Verbs: want, go, do, like, help, stop, need, make, put, look, get
  • Describe: not, finished, different, good, bad, fun, big
  • Quantity: more, some, all
  • Prepositions: on, in, here, there, out, off
  • Questions: what
  • Pronouns: I, you, he, she, it, that

There are lots of 2-word phrases using just the core words, see below a few ideas:

  • Put in/on
  • All in/on
  • Not fun/finished
  • I need/want
  • Some/get/put more
  • You help
  • Get off

Adapted from AssistiveWare Core Word Core Word Classroom, 5 minute fillers

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