How our Team Handled 2020 like Legends

Choosing your attitude is one of the philosophies we live by at Eat Speak Learn and our approach to 2020 really brought this home.

When the Covid Pandemic ramped up we were worried about losing everything; our jobs, our houses, our sanity! Our Clinic was located next door to a Centrelink Office and we watched hundreds of people line up out into the street when they unexpectedly found themselves out of work. I don’t think anyone will forget Scomo’s Sunday night press conference when the country was shut down overnight and our lives changed literally overnight.

It was a great opportunity to put all the things we practice into a big life changing project.

We had a pandemic plan in place and clear communication channels. Our team even had boxes with lists in them with what to take if we suddenly had to work from home. We’d allocated time to build a telehealth platform and watched one of our team members step up and own the rollout like a boss. We invested in the right systems and updated our technology. Our team all had arrangements in place to work safely and productively from home. We were even able to let a practitioner continue services from their hometown in Tasmania!

We looked after each other like family. We had a check in each morning to make sure we were dressed, we were fed and we were ready for the day. We shared our wins, our lessons learned and had some fun. We had a catch up at midday around operations, problem solving and technical queries. You could guarantee that if you were having a problem that someone else was too. We even had after hours games and trivia nights.

We learned so much. We learned how to do the impossible. We pushed ourselves and we knocked down barriers. We weren’t afraid to try new things because we had the trust and support of our team mates to help us through each step.

We grew the team and opened up opportunities for new services. We had practitioners operating out of five different states at one point. We brought on casual administration staff who had lost their jobs in retail and hospitality.

We now have so many more pathways to help our clients achieve their outcomes. At the end of the day, you can give up, you can survive or you can thrive. We are so proud of what we achieved. We did it together; our team, our families, our clients and our community.


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