How leaf goals have changed my approach to assessment and intervention

We’ve all been there before, CELF or speech assessment results have been finalised and you’re working your way through the results deciding what the plan for intervention will be. You find ten therapy goals and start targeting all of them, often getting lost in a maze of aimless intervention.

The reality is, we can’t tackle everything at once. Prior to utilising the concept of leaf goals, I often found myself lost in this never-ending maze of therapy goals. Since coming to Eat Speak Learn and learning about the beauty of leaf goals, it has really transformed my approach to assessment and intervention as every decision I make it so intentional.

We make our goals measurable, specific and with a clear end date. We generally set quarterly goals that cycle through every 12 weeks. For example, if you see a child fortnightly, that means you know you have 6 sessions to do whatever you can to reach that goal. This feels incredibly purposeful and the pathway to success is no longer a maze, it’s a clear path.

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