Our Growing Team

At Eat Speak Learn, we believe that the best outcomes are delivered through collaboration and innovation.  Lauren has always wanted to work with others and was never going to be content operating solo.

The big milestone in our second year was hiring our first team member and the timing couldn’t have been better.  At the end of our second year, Lauren and Chris welcomed their second child and as Lauren took a few months off, Jess stepped up to ensure that our clients had continuity of services.

From there, our team has grown over the years.  We’ve welcomed an eclectic and passionate team of therapists and support crew.

 Our current team of fourteen practitioners is such an honour to work with.  The values that we’ve created together and the bond we share makes it so special to come to work each day.  Our team work so hard on having the best team culture.  We support each other personally and professionally and together we provide a safe space to live out our values. Kiara and Jess lead from the front, Kim and Shradha keep us all in line, Lara, Lisa and Caitlin are our quiet achievers, Chelsea brings fantastic perspective, Ellie and Emily make our clients smile and then there is Angela, Kate and Naomi, who remind us each day how warm Far North Queensland is!

Our new partnerships with Empower Exercise Physiology, House on the Hill Paediatric Occupational Therapy and Eat’n’Grow Dietetics have expanded our service offerings and brought in a whole new team of likeminded professionals into our orbit.

We couldn’t achieve half of what we do without our support team.  Tarnie is the backbone of our operation and is inspirational in the way she leads our eager client support team.  We have an incredible variety of skills across our support team with tertiary qualifications in, or studying for, Occupational Therapy, Psychology, Teaching and Event Management.  Rishi, our ninja, came through a support program back in 2018 and is amongst our most valued team members.  He’s never missed a day of work and everyone notices when he’s away!

And then there is Chris, Lauren’s husband.  With degrees in Politics and International Relations, running an allied health practice was never part of his career plan but he will happily tell you that it’s the most satisfying role he’s ever held.  Chris made a commitment to help build Lauren’s vision of building a multidisciplinary practice of enthusiastic allied health practitioners and providing clients with the best services on offer.  It was the end of 2017 when he left his role at Parliament House to look after the kids and support the team.  He’s never looked back.

We’ve also been privileged to boost so many practitioners in their personal journeys.  We’ve been proud to support Andrew and Bronwyn as they’ve started their own local clinics.  We’ve been thrilled to watch Gail and Lisa follow their passions and move into very different industry roles.  We were so proud to see Bridget become a mother even if it meant she moved home.  We’ve farewelled Aliesha, Emma, Sabrina and Emily as they’ve adventured off to faraway lands.

A growing team has meant that we have been able to help so many families.  We’ve delivered over twenty thousand sessions to over thirteen hundred clients in the seven years since we’ve commenced.  Each and every one of these services has been personalised and tailored to the clients needs.  Mind blowing stuff and it makes us grateful each and every day that we’ve been here to help.


Can’t wait to see who will be next to join our team.  Learn more about our team.

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