Feeding Group (Multi-Disciplinary Approach)
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The first of its kind in Canberra, our feeding group incorporates the skills of speech pathology, occupational therapy, and dietetics to allow for wholistic support of your child’s feeding difficulties.

Our primary aim is to support children aged from 5-8 to actively participate in a family meal time. Together we will explore the challenges and build strategies to overcome barriers to feeding and participation in mealtimes.

Whilst the children engage in sensory activation activities and food play building both oromotor and sensory components of feeding, our families participate in a dietician led education program to support the transition of therapy fun to healthy and practical feeding strategies in the home.

We support children to actively participate in family meal time

The program will consist of the following components:

Groups run throughout the school term.

Group Therapy Sessions

8 Group Therapy Sessions with a team of Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists and Allied Health Assistants

Parent/Carer Capacity

8 Parent/Carer Capacity Building Group Sessions with a Dietitian

2 Free Sessions

2 child free education and goal setting sessions

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