First ➡ Then Visuals

First Then Visuals

A first ➡ then visual helps to show a sequence of events of activities that will take place. Visuals are put on a board to show the order of the activities that will occur. These can be used with any pictures and be presented in paper or digitally (e.g. iPad app).

A first ➡ then visual can be a helpful tool to support children through transitioning between activities or events. It can be used to give clear expectations and to prepare the child for what is going to happen next in a visual way rather than only relying on verbal instructions.

Some examples of when to use a first à then visual can include:

  • Dressing: First socks on then shoes on
  • Bedtime routine: First bath then bed
  • Moving to a preferred activity: First shower then TV
  • Packing away: First play then pack away

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