Choosing a PODD

PODD (Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display is a communication system that is customised to the user. See our “What is PODD” blog to find out more about this system.
Choosing which PODD is the right one will depend on the individual and what is going to work best for them in their unique circumstances. Some of the factors that will be considered will include:

How is the individual currently communicating?

  • What types of messages are they currently communicating?
  • Who are their usual communication partners?
  • What environments will they need to communicate in?

How will they access the PODD?

  • Physical ability to access the PODD, including fine motor skills.
  • Potential sensory processing challenges?
  • Vision and hearing considerations?
Depending on the requirements of the individual, there are a range of different ways that PODDs can be organised. Some of the different types PODDs available to include:
  • Direct Access – where the user can point directly to the symbols
  • One-page opening communication books
  • Two-page opening communication books
  • Two-page opening with a side panel
  • Alternative Access – where the user requires an alternative method to access the symbols
  • High contrast symbols – PODD that uses symbols which are not as visually complex
  • Partner assisted scanning – a communication partner will read out or point to the symbol choices on each page
  • Eye gaze – the user indicates the symbol they want by using their eyes to point and their communication partner interprets this.
  • Coded access – each column and row is given a reference (colours and numbers) and the user will indicate their choice by looking at the colour and number.
  • Pick up or give and show – the symbols in the PODD are removeable so the user can remove them to create a sentence strip or simply hand them to their communication partner.
A speech pathologist can help you choose the PODD that will best support your child’s individual communication needs.
Check out some of the PODDs that we have available at here Eat Speak Learn.

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