Team Adventures: Llama Farm

At the clinic, one of our values is #keepitfun.

We not only have tons of fun with our clients and their families (think dance parties, games, dress ups and slime), we also have a bucket load of fun as a team.

We love to make other’s day with the simple things such as making a cuppa for someone, or we play by making sneaky plans like a practical joke!

We love creating memories that we can laugh about throughout the work week and lighten the load! One memory that often comes up is our trip to the local llama farm earlier in the year.

Picture this, we arrived at the dusty and rusted llama farm on the outskirts of Canberra in a sparkly white hummer limo.

We spent the afternoon feeding the llamas (while watching our fingers), eating and drinking and chatting away to the passionate owner.

From that day forward, all of us became lovers of the humble llama whether we liked it or not!

Lauren, Kiara and a large number of South Americans

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