SOS stands for Sequential Oral Sensory and is an approach towards feeding assessment and intervention that is designed to address all factors involved in feeding difficulties.

SOS has strong evidence in support of it’s methods and that’s why at Eat Speak Learn we have taken the time to ensure we can best implement this approach for our families.

It’s philosophically based on the idea that “the child is always right”. This doesn’t mean that their difficulties are appropriate, just that they need to be listened to and observed because there can be so much more to feeding and eating than just refusing food.

SOS is based on the necessity of putting aside the myths about eating and focusing on understanding normal development to understand the causes for feeding difficulties.

This why your Therapist will ask for a detailed history of your child including medical factors, family factors and environment factors so we can determine how your child is developing and compare this to our expectation for what can support feeding success or explain feeding difficulties.

Treatment is based on the idea that slowly and methodically desensitizing your child is the best first approach to feeding treatment. This systematic desensitisation takes the form of a food hierarchy. Sensory and oral skill progression in SOS is achieved with food choices rather than getting the child to do something. These hierarchies are structured to help your child’s sensory systems shift slowly into accepting into new foods.

If you’re concerned about your child’s feeding or mealtimes please chat to your Therapist .

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