Krista Woolston

Speech Pathologist

Krista loves making therapy fun and enjoyable and has been known to enjoy games played as much as the clients themselves. She is passionate about using her creativity to make therapy engaging and enjoys building relationships with not only the clients but their families.

Krista’s experience as a carer for children with special needs has led to an understanding of what life is like with those with special needs and their families. Krista is passionate about ensuring each person is given the best opportunity to achieve their goals in life. Krista particularly enjoys assessing and treating those with alternative methods of communication, speech sound disorders, literacy difficulties, social difficulties, language disorders and fluency disorders.

Krista is happiest when she is having a laugh with family and friends. Krista loves going on adventures and will spontaneously head to the beach for a surf. Her guilty pleasures include Minecraft and Pokemon Go (though she’ll tell you it’s just to relate with the kids), chocolate and coffee.

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