Kiara Donadel

Speech Pathologist

Kiara is high energy and secretly a big kid at heart. She grew up in rural NSW and was brought up to respect hard work which you will see in the way she delivers her sessions. As a child, Kiara had the opportunity to witness her brother attend speech pathology sessions. It was this experience, and her desire to help people, that led her into becoming a Speech Pathologist.

Kiara is proud of her Italian heritage which is evident through her love for cooking food and then eating that food.

She’s also a loving dog mum and takes any chance to show someone a photo of her dog. The glow you get from Kiara when you achieve something you’ve never done before, no matter how small, is infectious. She strives to help you achieve your goals and your maximum potential. She is willing to give anything a go and is always keen for a giggle.

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