Jessica Bulkeley

Speech Pathologist

Jess is adventurous and curious about all life has to offer. She enjoys exploring complexity and distilling everything down to its finer parts. Her fascination with understanding how things work and creating solutions guides the way she approaches therapy.

Jess comes from a big family. She has been lucky enough to grow up all over the world. She has experienced many cultures, learned many languages, and tried more cuisines than many will try in a lifetime. These opportunities have instilled in Jess that relationships are the currency of life, building rapport is key to learning and that exploring new challenges is where the best rewards come from.

Jess brings all of this to life through her creativity and celebration of the ordinary. Arts and craft are a passion, staying active through exercise and volleyball are her hobbies but it’s her desire to make a difference in peoples lives that is her absolute driver. Jess brings all of this together in a way that makes you feel like you’ve known her forever.

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