Jess Dethick

Speech Pathologist

Jess is optimistic, energetic, creative and passionate. There is more tea in her veins than blood. Prior to being a Speech Pathologist, Jess worked in the entertainment industry in Newcastle for many years and changed careers as she wanted to do something with more substance. It was the desire to know how to help those who had trouble communicating that motivated her to go back to studying. Jess always brings as much fun as possible to her therapy sessions to ensure that all of her clients enjoy their sessions and want to keep coming back.

Jess also often lectures at Universities about complex communication needs, technology and therapy approaches as well as delivering workshops to schools, support workers and other Allied Health Professionals.

For the past 6 years, Jess has volunteered with AGOSCI and is a passionate advocate for her clients who experience communication challenges. We expect the unexpected from Jess. she loves live music, dogs, snowboarding, travel, dancing, good food and good people. Jess is into all the things that make life worth living.

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