Freya Vos

Dietitian & Nutritionist

Freya is passionate about helping children develop the foundational skills for a lifetime of healthy relationships with food and helping parents and carers re-gain their confidence in their role as caregivers through education, support and food play.

Freya’s journey started as an 8-year-old when she decided she would go to the ends of the earth to become a Dietitian. The first step of this journey was to take on roles in early childhood education. From there she commenced her academic journey which led her to a stint completing her honours degree in Tonga and then returning to Canberra to finish her Master of Nutrition and Dietetics. Whilst Tonga may not quite be the end of the earth, you can see just how far Freya will go to live her vision of supporting children to have a healthy relationship with food.

Not only is Freya devoted to her role in helping children grow, but she also loves helping her houseplants grow, her mini terrariums come to life, her baking rise and her guinea pigs thrive.

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