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Chelsea McNamara

Speech Pathologist

Chelsea is originally from rural NSW and grew up on a big family run farm. Her passion in life is having a chat and eating- so it felt like a natural step to pursue a career in speech pathology. Chelsea loves to laugh and make others laugh too. She is a thoughtful, reflective, empathetic and kind practitioner who has a holistic approach to therapy. She builds connections with families and truly cares for her clients. She also loves to be organised and ‘get things done’ and will be honest with you in how to achieve ideal outcomes.

Chelsea loves working across across the age range from 0-18, and particularly enjoys assessing and treating speech sound disorders, social skills, language disorders, fluency disorders, and voice disorders. She loves to make sessions fun, meaningful and personalised so she will want to know your favourite movies and TV shows.

If Chelsea is enthusiastic about something you will know it. Whether it’s a new deodorant or therapy activity, she loves to tell everyone. Chelsea also has a talent for accents and impersonations and loves a bit of karaoke despite her self reported “terrible voice”. In her spare time you’ll usually find her spending far too much money on moisturisers and home interiors, listening to podcasts, consuming beverages, and watching an English crime series of some sort.

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