Carolyn O’Mahoney

Physiotherapist & Director – Business Development

Carolyn loves paediatrics because children challenge her to be the most fun, engaging, caring and supportive version of herself. Carolyn is passionate about teaching movement, which she first encountered as a dance teacher in her teenage years. The personal satisfaction of seeing a child experience success and develop a love of moving is priceless.

Carolyn finds that being able to reduce stress and worry for a family is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a physiotherapist.

Carolyn has worked in SA, NT, QLD, Vic, NSW and ACT as well as in London. These have been in hospital settings, community health teams, private practice and not-for-profit organisations. Delivering and assuring quality service is important to Carolyn so much so that she undertook additional training in paediatrics with the APA and became an APA Titled paediatric physiotherapist in 2016.

Carolyn has a niece and nephew with cerebral palsy and understands the value of having quality allied health services accessible to all Australians.

Beyond her clinical excellence, she is committed to developing innovative business practices that support allied health practitioners in their role. This inspired her to study an MBA with Melbourne Business School, which she completed in November 2021.

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