Communicating with eye-gaze technology

Eye-gaze technology is a ground-breaking system that allows for preschoolers, school aged children, adolescents, and adults to communicate with purely the micro movements of their eyes.


How does this work?

Firstly, there’s a variety of equipment you need including a device of some kind, this could be a computer, laptop, or tablet. Then you will need the eye-gaze camera and software installed on the device, a mount so the device and camera can be secured and stable, and a comfortable seat that ensures a good and stable posture.

Once these requirements are met, the camera is then synced to your eye movements so that you can operate the device and communication software with purely eye movements only.

It’s not just communication, eye-gaze technology can be used to operate a device, play online games, and it can even be synced to other smart devices in the home e.g., TV, lighting, air conditioning so that these can also be controlled with eye-gaze.

Here is a video of eye-gaze in action with a school aged child:

A Speech Pathologist can identify if an eye-gaze system is an appropriate prescription for you.

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